Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

remarkable friends.

yeah you're the one that always filled my day with laugh,crazy idea,imagination until a problem that we solve together :)
after read a novel by winna effendy
refrain is the one of the best novel i ever read.
this novel thought us, how much that friends its MEAN.
maybe the songs of taylor swift *the best day* is wrong,
friend not just mean when you are aged 13 but they mean forever,
like your family :)
they the one that know me *and you* in and out side after all.
the best qoute of this novel is, " tidak ada persahabatan yang sempurna di dunia ini. yang ada hanya orang orang yang berusaha sebisa mungkin untuk mempertahankannya "
yes, i believe that.
nobody is perfect, no one include me and you my best friends :)
maybe this month i done something wrong, i'm not listen to you i'm just thinking about myself .
i know i'm selfish especially this week.
it's my weakness. and i know you have too.
so, i'm sorry.
i'm sorry about everything that i already done.
i know it's my false, im sorry.
i hope i already found my remarkable friends.
i hope thats you, tasya,verena gebi :)
i hope thats is you :)

Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

everlasting love.

hahhaha, time ya time and time.
okay guys, keknya doa-doa lu pada buat gua ngadepin mat tadi GK MANJUR !
at all, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh so harddd.
and the time, the problem is the time !
i cant !
120 minutes isn't enough`
tomorrow will doin my english try out wish me luck again :)
haha, math class = boring . english class = GETTING CRAZY :D
wuahhahahaah, making plan with verena about singapore trip !
i'm excited SO MUCH xD
4 days 3 night hope have a nice flight.
sub-way,ramen,buffet,singapore flyer,sentosa island, and much more.
i can't wait for that !
hahahhaa, tasya verena we need to go to SINGAPORE as soon as we can x)

everyday.time by time.i hope i can forget you easier :)

Senin, 18 Januari 2010

quote #5

The stupidest mistake in life is thinking the one who hurt you the most, won't hurt you again - Anonymous
Love is unconditional, relationships are not - Grant Gudmundson
Sometimes i want to shout to the whole world how lucky i am to have you as my friend but sometimes i want to hush...afraid that somebody might take you away from me - Anonymous

# rasa ini

rasa ini ..
rasa apa ini ?!
rasa yang membuatku seperti sendiri
rasa takut akan sesuatu hal terjadi

membuatku seperti sendiri
jauh jatuh kedalam duniaku sendiri
tanpa siapapun dan tak kusadari
rasa itu meninggalkan sesuatu yang sangat dalam di hati

setelah kusadari aku telah kehilangan
bukan, bukan angan angan
jauh lebih penting dari sekedar angan
rasa ini, dalam ! aku sangat kehilangan

seperti kehilangan tawa
seperti kehilangan semua
duniaku sekarang hampa
kosong seperti tak bernyawa

aku kehilangan kamu
kamu, yang selama ini ada di benakku
kamu yang pernah menjadi bagian terpenting hidupku
kamu cintaku ..

aku akan berbuat apapun
tapi itu tak kan merubah apapun
kamu pergi tanpa alasan
jauh,jauh meninggalkan aku sendirian

beribu maaf kan kuberikan,
tapi itu takkan membuat perbedaan.
apapun yang kau mau akan kulakukan,
jika itu bisa merubah sebuah keputusan takdir tuhan

kembalilah padaku,
bisakah kau memberikan kesempatan kedua padaku ?
tak bisakah kau kembali padaku ?
tak bisakah aku memutar kembali waktu
dan tak ingin kau pergi untuk selamannya bersamaku ?

- amanda grace andani

# damai

suara lirih jauh dari dalam hati
menggema lembut
terasa tenang sampai ke hati
melihat dunia tidak lagi bergumul

semua tersenyum seketika
melihat dunia, tertawa bahagia
tidak ada takut,emosi,tangis
semua tidak lagi terdengar

emosi yang menggebu-gebu
meluap dan menghilang begitu saja
semua tenang semua tersenyum
ketika terdengar lirih kata damai di kalbu

*and it always get a happy ending :)

i'm broken at all.

today ; try out b.indonesia *i thought its okay hahha*
; get some extra study today for b.indonesia and english, and will be a long
until this semester end.

no, i'm not a patient person, i can't wait! i need to put you out of my mind.
now, i'm tired. and today is a bad day, because tomorrow is math test.
nobody know, i will cry again or not tml.
i'm afraid of this all. i'm tired !
if i have a magic things i want to pass this time so fastly !
i'm down again, and don't know how many times i do this again.
not you, you're not mine.
i need to not often check my facebook or handphone again.
since today ! i never know you before.
never ever, i will more better and okay.
and i will vacum with this "girly" things for long time.
no one can hurt me again, no one.
wish me luck buddies !

Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

what's wrong with me ?

today, very cold in jakarta .
idk why ? but my mom says its the impact from a global warming.
early morning 6 past 5 haha i wake up by myself :)
today much thing happened and all its make me SURPRISED.
- a magic of Rp. 50.000
- quarrel with vero
- knowing some secret.

yesterday i'm so sure wanna get you cloud.
but today i look like, wanna remove you from my acc .
everything easier when no you in my life.
some of them in your life doesn't like me, and it's so annoying at all.

USS, *universal studio singapore will open in febuary :)
hahha, i want to go in but $72 isn't cheap. hahah.
jurong bird park not so ugly lahhh hahaha

stress out !
just already buy book for try out before exam T.T
a lot of words that i never know argghhh .
hahha, physics. that one i hate SO MUCH ! and HISTORY at all !!!
ahh, study study study !
i need to get a good score to make my mom proud !
this is 2010, new year new spirit !!

Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

kiko kuma #1

have a wonderful and a great day with tasya :)
*kurang ant sama teddy nih HAHAHAHHA

Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

quote #4

" Love is like heaven, but it can hurt like hell " - Unknown
" He taught me how to love, but not how to stop " - Unknown

how deep is your love ?

yes, i'm a loser .
because i'm afraid to stake my heart again. i give up .
i already decide it.
i'm out of this love things.
i cant handle it anymore, because YOU trapped in my mind *always.
that's all just make me more worried about insignificant things.
this all, is more complicated because i ever met YOU.
i know who YOU are ? i know the risk. and i can't take it.
eventhough i never know YOU, i never met YOU, i never like YOU. *like it's different with love.
maybe isn't hard like this. maybe just like the last. i can forget it.
and now i regret why i still hoping with YOU.
i never be so aggressive like this before, because i try to keep YOU.
but, look like there is no headway no progress after all.
i'm afraid will hurt again.
maybe yes i'm just to CONFIDENT at all.
" if man want it, he will make it possible " - he's just not that into you
ya, but no sign you will make it what i dream it possible.
i'm afraid.i'm a loser.i give up.

Senin, 11 Januari 2010

quote #3

" Imagination is more important than knowledge " - Albert Einstein
" If you can dream it, you can do perfectly " - Walt Disney
" The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams " - Eleanor Roosevelt

don't ever wake me, if it's really a dream :)

i want to have a SCHOLARSHIP in AUSTRALIA !
yes, i'm so excited talk about that, live there spending my college there :)
a country that never know me before.
have a part time job, visit tasya *i thought she was in japan that time ;p
having an everlasting relationship .
pass a lot of much season there .
winter-spring-summer-autumn :)
have a lot friends there, back to INDONESIA .
work in indonesia, have a GREAT JOB !
MARRIED with someone that love me so much :D
have a two children *just 2 no more :D

*a wonderful dream where everyone happy in my dream :)

so what you goona do friends ?

i dont know i hope everything will be okay.
a week of stress yah, just that can describe what will happened in me this week !!
hahaha ;)

b.indonesia = pidato *already done a half
ips = excercise part 10 & 9 * a half too
biologi = already done 8 of 20 number * I CANT FIND THE ANSWER IN MY BOOK !

so, can you mind it ?
okey mungkin bisa dibilang stress pra-uan kali .
and about MY CRAZY PLANE` ; there's a little bit problem about the date.
everyone busy this month. *so much i thought .
need to find some gift to vero birthday, mm some things about mickey *yeah good idea ;p
i dont know but i feeling so bad, like i will regret something.
if someone asked you ; " what your PURPOSE in this life ? "
i got nothing in my mind.
last month maybe i can answered that questions pretty sure with a big smile :)
but like everything collapse. my hope. my dream.
like HOPELESS ;(
but i need to pass this time !
i will and i can !!
everything will be better than before ;D
yes everything ;)

Minggu, 10 Januari 2010

qoute #2

" mencintai itu enngak butuh alasan, karena kalo cinta butuh alasan maka ketika alasan itu pergi maka cinta juga akan pergi bersama alasan itu "

Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

quote today :D

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”

salah kostum ! ;p

iya gua pergi ke PURI dengan baju yang enngak seharusnya !
pertamannya gua kira gua cma mau nemenin nyokap ptong rambut`
ehh tiba" zsa" sms katanya dia dittinggal sama tmen nyaa .
yauda mumpung nyokap juga mau ke carrefour gua pergi ke puri dehh hahaha
dengan baju rumah + sepatu gaje wkakakaka = lo tau gk, gua DILIATIN orang !
hahahahha, sumpa gua ketemu beberapa temen gua dan mereka ngeliat gua kek dengan muka FREAK banget sih tuh orang !!
wkakaka, gua pura" gk kenal jalan terus sambil pasang muka I DONT CARE !
hahahha, beberapa cowo melihat gua dengan kek mau ngomong :
" eh lo cewe bukan sih ? " HAHAHAH
gua cuma kabur, sambil cengesgesan wkakakka.
trus, nemenin zsa" nungguin jes-jov . akhirnyaa teng teng jes-jov ternyata uda nunggu di gramed dari tadi !
hahahaha, trus gua ketemu beberapa anak anak smp kelas 1 - 2
yang lagi mulai" nya NYOLOT !! arrgghhh, mereka ngeliatin gua dengan tatapan;
" eh cewe, gaya lo KAMPUNGAN banget sih " *sumpa gk tahan gua pengen cepet" kabur dari situu argghh
HAHHA, sebenernya kalo nurut gua anak kelas 3 smp, uda lumayan ngerti lah mana yang harus dia lakuin dan enggak !
walaupun belom sempurna tau nya, dan masi pake emosi daripada logika.
tapi kita cukup lebih tau ttg TATA KRAMA !!
segerombolan anak anak itu, ngliat gua kek mereka yang punya PURI !
ahhahah, tapi yasudahlah emang agak freak sih gua hari ini .
tapi GUA GK PERDULI ! lagian emang nge-judge seseorang dari penampilan nya aja ?
lo musti liat dalemnya DULU MAN !!

Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

insomnia :D

hey hey hey, im still awake :D
what a great news *soalnya jem 9 aj biasanya gua uda tepar wkakaa
iya, gua gk bisa tidur setelah mengalami tidur sore yang cuma 25 menit.
dan, sekarang gua PUSING pikirin try out ;(
TRY OUT membuat saya GILA !
tanggal 18 january udah try out WOI pmk punya perasaan gk sih ?
tapi kerennya guru" notre dame uda mau try out gini malah study banding ke BALI
*buuu saya juga mau ikutt atuhhh wkakaka ;p
jadi kita LIBUR DEH *yey* hahahhahahahahahha
mana liburnya lama 6 HARI *termasuk sabtu minggu
ternyata kalo jem 12 an, gitu di tv banyak acara gk jelas ya =.=
mana ngko gua masi belom tidur ntn film silat gk jelas wkakakakaakka :D
argghhh, liburan musti blajar gua !
blajar bljar blajar dan blajarrrrrrrrr *ngeliat tulisan belajar aja uda cape =="
wkakkakakaa, okey okey gua lagi pengen ntn SHERLOCK HOLMES nih !
a lot of my friend said that film is GOOD (y) ahahhaha
dan gua uda ngelewatin hari paling sibuk dan event terakhir gua jadi OSIS !
uda 3 taon gua jadi osis, *gk kerasaaaa :)
hahhahaa, osis banyak suka dukanya kadang rapat,pulang sore ;(
but we try to make tht bad side look perfect with a little laugh♥
dan gk kerasa i almost GRADUATE !
i need to be more MATURE ! hahahhaha *lebih sabar wkakaa

sekolah + pelajarantambahan + elokuensi + TUGAS = i'm die before graduate ;p

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

*love again :D

"bagaimana kamu akan berkata selamat tinggal kepada seseorang yang tidak pernah kamu miliki ?"
"kenapa tetes air mata jatuh untuk orang yang tak pernah menjadi kepunyaanmu ?"
"kenapa kamu mencintai seseorang yang cintanya tak pernah untukmu ?"

*kutipan ;)
beberapa kata diatas bikin gua sadar.
ia, kenapa ya ?
kenapa lo mau ngorbanin sesuatu buat orang yang gk pernah ngorbanin apa apa buat lu ?
apa seseorang itu pake pelet ? *ngaco gua wkaka
apa itu namannya cinta ?! berarti cinta itu BEGO dong !
jelas jelas dia gk suka sama lo tetep aj lo mau ngorbanin sesuatu buat orang yang gk suka sama lo !
tapi mungkin, mungkin itu cinta .
karena cinta gk pernah pake LOGIKA *kek lagunya agnes wkakaka
what kind of love is you ? disakiti atau menyakiti ? HAHAHAHHA

Sabtu, 02 Januari 2010

questions about : my life

1. why im born being a girl ?
2. why i be the second child in family ?
3. how can i meet god ?
4. why i being a nice girl ?
5. why lied its wrong ?
6. why life sometimes make someone hurt ?
7. i'm teenagers and i need love ? where are you love ?
8. why im success now ?
9. why i have a good family eventhough i'm a bad person ?
10. how can i get someone that i liked ?
11. why i have a nice friend ?
12. why no one remember my birthday ?
13. why my mom is unfair with me ?
14. why my dad is special in math ?
15. why my brother have a big skill in life ?
16. am i a bad person ?
17. cry ? is it bad ??
18. courage ? why i weak ?
19. i want to slap that bitch but i still hold my emotions deep in my heart ?
20. why god give me a chance to live ?

*if you can answer my life questions please leave a comment .

birthday *august 2010

"kenapa ya gua ulang tahun disaat yg gk tepat ?"
ckck, ulang tahun agustus.
disaat semua orang lagi pada baru masuk sekolah, mana ad yang inget.
pantes gua gk perna dapet apa apa waktu ulang tahun .
boro boro ada yang inget kali =.= ckck
what i want in my birthday :
- natasya akiko still here with me :)
- nothing, just that.
HAHHAHA, okeh iya cuma itu .

ngomong" gua akhir" ini sering banget ntn upin dan ipin HAHAHHA.
itu bagus lohh, serius lucu waakkakaa.
walaupun kartun malaysia, i love it :)
u need to watched once ! HHAHAHAAH
and this few weeks i didnt mood to take a pic .
i'm ugly now ! ckckck

Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

*new years and things ;D

hey this is new year ! so happy new year HAHAHH
kemaren gua ngabisin hari terakhir di tahun 2009 buat BBQ an di rumannyya zsa" hahahaha yan seneng" gituu.
sama sodara" gua kek nya uda lama banget gua enngak perna kumpul" kek gitu jadi pengen cepet" sin chia wakakakaka .

*what i want to do in 2010 :
1. getting mature no cry ! hahaha ?
2. get a good score and pass my JHS exam :D
3. make my life better and better
4. more understand my mom and dad
5. more shared things with my brother
6. hope tasya still can be with me in SHS
7. singapore HAHAHAH ;p
8. boy friend ? *ditabokin gua am nyokap wkakakaa.
9. more responsible :D
10. be me :)

hope thats all can be true in 2010 *happy new year buddies :p

look look :D