Jumat, 27 November 2009

holiday come in ! :D

heyahhh, hahaha holiday come in :)
today, is friday and a national free day in here ..
hahah, so i wannaa spend holiday to javaaaaaa
i miss javaa, so many kind of food :]
everything would be can there, hahahaha
but yesterday is the bad day worst ever after !
after english course, i come back home by myself .
because mommy and dad of course my brother, need to do their things !
you know this is the worst story ! :
1. wait a bus so long time
2. almost want to hit by car while i crossing the way
3. when i get in to the bus i get BUMP ! its sooooooo harddddd ;( !!
4. get headache after that ! huh

okay it was yesterday but today will be so fun !
my grandma come today, hahahhaha
and then tomorrow i will go to java !
hahhahahha :]]
hope tml be better ;D

Rabu, 25 November 2009

naughty girl time out ! :P

ahahahhahaa, i dont know where got start ..
really today will be a day that i will remember until i have a grandchild :)
ya, already sure im accept in SHS notre dame .
and the canteen make me sooooo great and comfortable.
this morning wake like ussualy so-so, after arrived sch
first get bad in physics ahhaa ( get remedial next week laa ~ haha )
after that canceled the economic test :P
then, have a good score in plkj ~
im sure i can in technology test today then i truant in pm work !
hahhaa, im not meant to truant but i already buy a ticket and it was 1.15
ohhh goodddd ~
i will finished the pm work at 4.00 maybe so i decide to truant !
ahahahhaha, and see the movie but at least i feel guilty now ~
maybe because i lied ..
really the first i really forget today i got pm work !
im not sure already tell my brother to pick up me at 4.00 .
hahha, but really sometimes i need to make fun with this, we need to be naughty one time!
really feel so fresh now ! but still guilty ..
hahha, but i will remember this forever :)
tasyaaaaaaaa, thanks for today i have a lot fun ! :D

Selasa, 17 November 2009

its raining all day ;D

yeaaa, from a cloudy morning until now a cloudy night ~
i can't count how many times raining here .
aahaha, i like it it wass moree cold :)
so, i thought i need to do some diet, because of this sucks weight .
i need down more 5 kgs maybe or just 3 kgs hahah
at least i need to drowning this weight.
or i will like old time >< hahha
have to do science HW i thought before i try to answer it, i give up akakka xP
yayaya, tml will be better :)

Senin, 16 November 2009

movie.movie ;)

just already watched 2012 ~
ohh godd, i scared look that ;(
i know you have a bright plane for us
i believe in you jesus ;)
what you said its was a golden ways for us
two words for 2012 film " great movie " u need to watch this ;)

Minggu, 15 November 2009

boku wa kuma - utada hikaru ♥♥

In Romaji:

boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma
kuruma ja naiyo kuma kuma kuma
arukenaikedo odoreruyo
shaberenaikedo utaeruyo
boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma

boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma
kenka wa yadayo kuma kuma kuma
raibaru wa ebi-furai dayo
zense wa kitto chocolate
boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Kuma. Comment ça va?

boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma
fuyu wa nemuiyo kuma kuma kuma
yoru wa “oyasumi, makura-san”
asa wa “ohayou, makura-san”

boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma
yoru wa “oyasumi, makura-san”
asa wa “ohayou, makura-san”
boku wa kuma kuku kuma

mama kuma kuma

In Kanji:

ぼくはくま 日本語:
ぼくはくま くま くま くま
車じゃないよ くま くま くま
ぼくはくま くま くま くま

ぼくはくま くま くま くま
けんかはやだよ くま くま くま
ぼくはくま くま くま くま

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Kuma. Comment ça va?

ぼくはくま くま くま くま
ふゆは眠いよ くま くま くま

ぼくはくま くま くま くま
ぼくはくま 九九 くま

ママ くま くま

In English :D :

I am bear, bear, bear, bear
I am telling you I am not a car, bear, bear, bear
I can`t walk, but I can dance
I can`t talk, but I can sing

I am a bear, bear, bear bear
I am a bear, bear, bear, bear
I am telling you that fighting is bad, bear, bear, bear

My rival is fried shrimp
In my past life, I was surely chocolate
I am a bear, bear, bear, bear

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Kuma. Comment ça va?

I am a bear, bear, bear, bear
Sleepy in winter, bear, bear, bear
At night, goodnight Mr. Pillow
In the morning, goodmorning Mr. Pillow

I am bear, bear, bear, bear
At night, goodnight Mr. Pillow
In the morning, goodmorning Mr. Pillow
I am bear times bear

Mama, bear, bear

you can download here ;D

bad day ~

dont know why? im in bad mood :(
just mad,mad,mad and mad .
cant wait someone, and fell so sleppy ~
maybe i need to concentration with my sch (ato otak gua ini uda kepanasan ?? )
huaaaaaaa, my big national test in march look like not so far agaaiiinnnn ><
how can ? T.T
gooddddddddd, to much thinks i have to do .
i need someone to talk and share my story T.T
someone that dont know me personaly, someone stranger (ahahahaha)
ugghh, no one have time, they busy with they things ~
hhahaa, sometime i think im selfish ;D
but, ya hope tml will better laa :)

kumaa ♥♥♥

Rabu, 11 November 2009

fake friendship

i dont know , i just now realize that their friendship its all " fake "
they can't take control of us, they think who is they ??
heyy, i'm your friends.
and i ever go in your world, you is a loser ~
if u does'nt like someone just say it .
dont, being back stabber , you smile in front of someone that you dont like, like youre not mad with them ?
you are all fake .
you know friends isnt like that , friends is full with understanding and honesty
full of laugh ~
lucky i found them now .
that i really like them , i loved them ..

Selasa, 10 November 2009

rain rain rain ♥

yayaa todayyyyy raiinnn so longgg hereeeee ;D
when i want to go to english lesson until night .
coldd, ya i prefer cold than so hootttt mannnn
wish me luck with tomoroowwww ..

headache ;(

i feel not good today ~
arrived at sch in the morning then get headache @.@
but i need to do my pkn test and i thought i can ;D
and today its heroes days in indonesiaaa omgggg ~
i forget hahahaha
hey yaaa, bad bad bad @.@
i think i gonna get sick :(
to many i want to do today
i hope tml will be better ..

Senin, 09 November 2009

looking for a better day ♥

today. akakakka
i dont know what i would got in bio :(
ahahahhaa, but really i do my math test today and just cant one number .
im not study math yesterday but i think i can :)
ahhahahaha, i dont think so today will be a good day but i hope :)
nothin much happened today ..
but i have a truck of my excercise ~
ohh myyyy gooodddddd ><
ahhahahha, wanna do it post again tml :)

Minggu, 08 November 2009

sunday, 8-10-09

Lihat gambar ukuran penuh and
i addicted to sky and teddy this couple of weeks :)
i like my new called "kuma" its mean teddy in japanesse language
hahha, and sky its like i can turn around this world.
today hang out with my lovely " nephew" ahahhahahaha
zsa" , let me introduce her hahah
she is a 11 years old girls, chatter , to much wanted but i happy :)
tomorrow biology test , i am used to be studying now but im not .
hahahahhahahaaa :)

Jumat, 06 November 2009

i wanna be a sunflower :)

ya, sunflower i dont know sure why i like it but i like it
it was strong and never see back .
they always see to the sun .
always always and always .
ya i try to never think about the past .
what its already happened never can happened again .
ya, i need to more strong :)
strong strong and more strong everyday .
i dont need to worried about tml, i just need to thinking what i gone do today

i just need to accept what its already happened with smile :)

Rabu, 04 November 2009

miss my holiday~

yaaa, so miss my holidaaayyyy ~
so much time freee ==
this week and this month so busy .
go out , study , thinking about my final exam next year its enough make me headache
hahahahhaa, ya last holiday i just in home and chatting with my friend from singapore all day (ALVINNN long time no chat with youuu how are youu ?? missing you LOL hahha )
to much good moment in holiday, hahah
and today i need to thinking about my high school `
where i need to go ?
still in notre dame ? or went to sang timur ?
omg, i need to thinking about this seriously haha
but i more interested to test in 78 high school like what my mom said
long time no post so busy`
hahaha, my hair now goin so long long ahahha
look like i will take care this hair perfect until they grow up so long (like tasya hairrr ahahhaa )
yaa, this saturday will be a good week end will go out with tasya .
watched movie, play , laughh ahhh miss so miss that moment ~
and i need to get a good score in my last year in junior high school .
ya like before, but i dont want to be 3 grade again in class i want 1 !!!
ahahah, i need study studyy studyyy ahahaha .
i hope my decision to take my way now its not a big mistakee :)
hope tml will be better :))

look look :D