Jumat, 31 Juli 2009


im now here hopeless .
u know i just need your minute, u cant .
so why u say happy b'day to me ?
nothing will change. can i tell u the truth ?
no i cant, if that can u still please stay away from me ?
can u see that im broken every minute i talk to u ?
no u cant, u dont know me like i know u .
im here now, cant doing anything .
and now im perfectly guess " im not anyone SINCE in the FIRST time . IM JUST TO CONFIDENT "
ya i know that
but how come ? i cant . until now im still hope .
im not tired. i know im hurt . but why i come to be so patient .
are its call that waiting never after ?
i know i never ever forget u ?
but can somebody help me forget u ?
who am i ?
i know im not anyone , but can u just let your few minute for me ?
no, u cant . i know that .
u cant . but why i still hope ? i cant stop hope ?
am i will always just hurting myself ?
if that make u will be mine. i will do it .
but i cant i know u happy with her .
i, i what again i will do ?
to make this time will worse again ?
huh ?
i asked u ? but i will never get the answer .
i know. im just cant accept this in this few days ?

Kamis, 30 Juli 2009

happyy dayyy :)

hahha, i know im just saying.
my synopsis not clear yesterday :)
hahahahha, just in the night take my new heels in my aunty house .
hhahaha, then it take so long time, so i have reason to not clear it my synopsis ~
a few days this, i like to blogging mmm ... i dont know why just, it was make me comfort ~
hahhahahahah :D
today im not wake up late :) hahaha, im wake at 05.45 its enough laahh ~
hahah, im wake and then take a bath, since so long time im not use a cold water(i ussualy use hot water but yesterday the gas its was empty :P ) , today i use that and i just already realize that JAKARTA now it was so cold in the morning dont asked me what happeened after i take a bath. as fast i take my jackeett, and told my nanny to make some hot tea .
hahahahhaha :))
then, i take my hairdryer and dry my hairr ~
hhaha, yesterday i cut a litle bit and its make a big diferrent :)
hahahahahha :)
i dont know im just happy today :)
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
" today, im still thinking of you. about our memories. "
i know i cant still thinking of you but i cant . how can i forget u. if ussualy i always thinking of u ?
just, huh tired tired
" today u still not realize , i dissapeared . no messages from u, huh maybe u say thanks to me cause i first leaved u "
hahhaha, talk to daesy about our plane go to singapore and our travel this december make me happy so happy ,
cant imagine i.daesy.tasya just three of that no parents no adults .
hhahahahahahaha., was so a great holiday :)
hope tomoroow will be a better day :))

Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

Today 29/08/09

ahh, im wake up in the morning, i think today i will wake up early and not panic go to school .
but. i wake at 6.30 omygoddneess im wake no time no time i will late just tht i think tht time i go brush my tooth , take a bath .
take my book and "my sweettyy file" ,
but after i do all tht, it was 6.55 oh mii gooodd ~
as fast as i can i go to school ~
maybe god loved me , hahaha, im not late it was miracle ~
hahhaha :)
not to much i do today ,
no mood to do sport today, so im just hiding and disappeared from the hall ~
hohoho :P
ahhhhhhh, how was i do a great things today, my economy test today ahh, i guess it will be so bad bad bad :(
huahhhhhh, i know im not study to much but huaaaaaa .
ok its ok all my false im not study :)
hahha, today have a council discussion after school .
i think im so busy in this nineth grade `
so many excercise. research. homework
haih, but honest i like to be busy :)
im waiting for this saturdayyyyyyyy :))
ahahhaa, but today i need to finished my novel synopsis
ohmygod i just already forgot it ~
but, book book and full of story it was interesting ~
not matter how so many story in thats book
im already fallin love with themm hhahah
" why ya?everytime i remember of you, it was so something in my heart and its was sucks !"
hahha, i just wanna be think today is today and yesterday was memories. and tomorrow it was a mystery!!
i have so manyythings i want it, cause that i cant just stuck and not doing anything .
trust me i can leave u !
ya, like what ling says i must go on and just let it go this prob :)
just stuck in this situation and not doing anything it was not change anything :P
hahha, i will busying my life and than more easier for me to erase u !!
hahahha, now now i just wanna say " im happy for u :)) "
u know it was honest, from my deep heart ~
hahahhaha, tonight will finished my story so.
i need to go back studyyy ~
ahhahahahha . i hope tomorrow will be more nice dayy :)

i.love.this.day :) cause.i.can.make.u.just.for.my.memoriess :))

Selasa, 28 Juli 2009

i still need u

i know thats all my false, but better be like this ..
better u with her, better i be like this if i just make mistake to u
disappeared , and not leave anything to u .
im lie if i didnt , broke my heart
better im broke my heart, if i just can make u confuse
ya im loser loser. i know im loser
but what can i do?
i trapped in the situation like this ?
i just can be a good friend in front of you. but i broke my own heart ,
broke , broke , broke again
but i think for what i be honest to u ?
i still cant do anything
if i say that i just dont mind if my nightmare come true ?
if u stay away from me ?
if u dont want to know me again ?
it was my nightmare i frigtened if i lose u
but in the end i still need to lose u :)
now this time i just hope to god that u can more more more better with her
" im not anyone since in the first time . im just to confident "
i think my decision now its was right perfect right
let u go its the perfect way two us
i know i still hope with u
but maybe this feel was wrong, maybe all its was just can be memories :)
i know, i more strong now its because u :))
just wanna say to u " im happy for u "

( hope u not forget my special day )

Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

nothiing gonna change :)

If I had to live without you near me
The days would all be empty
The nights would seem so long
With you I see forever oh, so clearly
I might have been in love before
But it never felt this strong

Our dreams are young and we both know
Theyll take us where we want to go
Hold me now, touch me now
I dont want to live without you.

Chorus 1
Nothings gonna change my love for you
You oughta know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
Ill never ask for more than your love.

Chorus 2
Nothings gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
The world may change my whole life through but nothings gonna change my
love for you.

If the road ahead is not so easy
Our love will lead the way for us like a guiding star
Ill be there for you if you should neeed me
You dont have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are.

So come with me and share this view
Ill help you see forever too
Hold me now, touch me now
I dont want to live without you.

look look :D