Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

how's life?

absolutely fine! hahaha
it was sinceeeee along time last time i blogging ;p
its just shocking have 16 subject and all of them must at least 75!
ya that's NOTRE DAME HIGH SCHOOL right now!
eventhough the first week of high school is tiring haha!
and hey i have a lot interesting story!
now, notre dame goona have some locker for their student!
it was a fresh air since the moving class system was "in" right now..
locker its the right thing after all hahahaha..
and i have a hair cut, before my birthday!
and ya my birthday i had some surprise from my fellas :)
it's not a big surprise but it's make me surprise hahahaha
ya they came to my house and singing then i come out and everybody said HAPPY BIRTHDAY
yaa the first surprise party after all
such an anxious things (:
and ya apply some scholar last month but sadly until now i didn't get any email from them.
sad but happy too, ahahaha i really enjoy my high school
it's really make me addict *school addict (wth) HAHAHAHHAHA
ya addict with my classmate, my extraculiculer ya!
i choosed traditional dance and ceremony lesson hahahaha
anyway how's about your life blogger? (:

look look :D