Selasa, 02 November 2010


well, today i learned about sth that important.
no, i can't forgive 'it' (i will called it because it doesnt deserve to called as human)
never i never can forgive it.
never when i see 'it' sight, one thing just suddenly comes up in my mind
hate,hurt,tears,sly,sycophant,betrayer,revenge,grudge,and pity.
nothing, it can do right because everythings 'it' do it for itself
selfish, ya very very selfish until 'it' doesnt even know what they're thinking about itself, or exactly 'it' doesnt want to know.
'it' thinks 'it's always right, never been wrong.
'it' said " i told you about norm and behave why dont you do it? "
'it' can said 'it' told me about norm? IT can said like that
if 'it' can start to heard other people! HEY
if you want to be respected by others you MUST respect others FIRST or at least make your self deserved to be respected!
really, not me the one who need to heard others people first.
you, ya it's you the ONE who REALLY REALLY need to TRIED RESPECT and HEARD what others want to say!
not you the one who supposed said to me that i can't behave well
i think i behave well BETTER than YOU, i want to heard YOU but YOU?
wow it was a WORLD WONDERS if you can start to heard other people.
YOU ARE REALLY a BIG sycophant!
i have been thought it many times, no one ever give you even just a chance because you're too selfish, if youre not a MASTER of SYCOPHANT!
maybe i need to learned how to be a SYCOPHANT with you privately.
you know why? because i still respect my self to NOT doing something that REALLY disgusting!
like what you have done for whole of your life.
OH! ups i called you as a human? can i?
honestly i never hate someone so much like this until i ever think when 'it' died i will stand in the front and said to it " I REALLY LOVE THIS DAY "
can you imagine? maybe ya i have been hurt so much.
i really want to be the same ages as 'it' and can says all of things that everyone afraid to say ot 'it'
NO i will not even WORRY, to say WHAT i want to say ABOUT IT BAD HABBIT.
that in fact it very CONTRAST, with what 'it' do for 'it' life!
until know i still have reason to revenge, but i still believe
"if your revenge failed, dont afraid karma 'will' "

with love and smile of victory,
your HATTERS :)

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