Minggu, 07 November 2010

it's love :)

if you're fell uncomplete when he/she not arround
if he/she is the one who make you worried all the time
if you're willing to do something you never do just for them
if their problem become you're problem
if you're happy when they happy
if their smile can make you're heart beat fastest
if their word become more sensitive for you
if you're willing to sacrifice any things to make they smiling again
if their come into your deepest dream
if when you're hurt because of them you still smile
if you feel want to share anythings with them
if you are really want to be around him through every condition
if you're still hope when there's no chance
if you're want to become responsible of their bad habbits
if you're willing to do harsh for their sake
if when you're fall asleep in tears because see them with someone else
you tried to forget him, but in the end you back into them again.

and if you're through this condition, yap it's love dude :)
but remember love is about to share joy, doesn't matter you're be with them or not to be with them :)

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