Senin, 18 Oktober 2010


don't you ever feel the same way as me?
no i dont know, because we're never end what we start
or that's me the one who felt this?
that you never feel the same things like me?
maybe i prefer not to know
i'm afraid that maybe the hardest things i need to believe
the hardest thing to understand
because i never want to understand in that way
if this were dream
i'd better here be with you in that time
even i'm too afraid to asked whether this is a dream or not
because somethings like too good to be true
i'm afraid when sometime i will wake up and realized
that's all just dreams, that smile, that attention
so i'd better here be with you forever
but someday the one i'm afraid off
become realities
it's just like thunder in day
i cant believe that i wake up from that dream and
know that everythings just bad dreams
that's just like holding water in your hand
that you know before you reached, that water already flow
you cant hold water but i've been dreaming i can hold water
so no one will believe in me,
i keep thinking i can hold that water
but no one sees me, i'm still believe in you
until i know even i spent my whole ages trying to holding you
i've never been there
i just like the air flew in the fall season
helping the leaves get off from the trees
and i know i've been a year trying holding you
even i know i will got nothing
but somethings whispered and says
i need to try harder to hold that water
so i'm just like in that pond waiting
someday can hold that water like in my dreams
like an idiot waiting rain drops in summer day.

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