Minggu, 19 September 2010

because you're the one and the last :)

i'm not in love but i'm pretend that i'm fallin for someone,
but, that "someone" not yet found me :)
pity hah? yaa of course i'm pitying my self hahaha
wei, i'm trying or maybe have a big ambition to study more about mandarin language
like " ni jiao shen me ming zhi? " or wth is that hahaha lol
mmm, interested someday will have enough money and chance to go to china,korea,america,and a whole world to live for a backpacker hahaha *too much watching film lol
maybe hmm after the break for a week thinking again about my IQ test a last few months that make me like an idiot when look for it are you believe i have 123 it's superior hah? ckckck how can then hahaha until now i'm not yet believe in that haha
maybe there were something in my brain when do that test HAHA
mmm a week of mid test luckily having a good score this latest test (:
not so good but enough for a newbie like me ;p
that's all today, promise that i will routine to posting again ahaha :D
cao! :)

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